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Pool Babes understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool. Our Pool Cleaning Service is the perfect solution for pool owners who want a quick and efficient cleaning that will leave their pool sparkling clean and ready to use.

During our pool cleaning services, we will balance the chemical levels of your pool to ensure that it is safe and healthy for swimming. We will also vacuum the pool floor and brush the walls and tiles to remove any debris or algae buildup. Additionally, we will surface skim your pool to remove any floating debris, such as leaves or insects.

Our single cleaning service is perfect for one-time cleanings, such as before a special event or after a long period of non-use. Our biweekly cleaning service offers ongoing upkeep to ensure that your pool remains clean and healthy throughout the swimming season. Our weekly cleaning service provides regular maintenance to keep your pool in top condition and includes 15-30 minute cleaning sessions once a week for an entire month.

Contact us today to schedule your single pool cleaning service and experience the difference of a professionally cleaned pool!

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